343GS - Old school tricking lives
3rd Person (AKA- WLT) has released a couple of short videos cataloguing his escapades through 343 Guilty Spark. He uses a unique loading zone trick (pioneered way back in the day by Ms. Man) to reach the bottom of the elevator shaft. Nicely done. This type of 'hm, let me think about this' type of tricking is what I like. There's also a second vid where he again goes shaft diving (hey now...), and you'll want to download them both. You can find both of the threads below.
Very nice job to this young feller- good to see him back in action, and good to see more Halo 1 fun. Has this been done before? At this late date, who knows. The thing is, it's cool enough not to care. :)


WLT is alive! Good to see he has been doing some awesome stuff with his time.

Kudos to you WLT

Lol am I the only member noticing this?
Anyway, I am not that big of a Halo 1 fan, but that was really nice ;)