Go home...or don't
You guys will no doubt notice this on your own, but just to keep the PM count to a minimum, you'll see a new button in your navbar at the top of the page. This button will take you (take a guess) to the forum. The 'home' button now will take you to the new index page (the news page), as it should. It might take a few moments to get used to pushing the new button, but it definitely makes more sense now.

Also, you'll see that sorahn has disabled the 'top poster' feature in the statistics printout on the news page. This is for our sanity, and because Jesus has enough press already.

EDIT: You can also see a new module on the main news page that displays your personal forum info. Coolness.

Thanks guys.

Test reply.
Why is the "Private Messages" link necessary in two places. I am use to just having it right under where it says "Welcome [your username.">" I guess this may be for others, but do we need it in the Menu button also (currently located under "Miscellaneous")

Also, perhaps when you click "High Impact Halo Forum v 3.0" it should take us back to the forum index listing all the forums, rather than the front page. People have already looked at the front page and the news, and when clicking that button, it should just take us back to the forum index in my opinion (It's kind of a pain when you view a thread, then click the High Impact Halo Forum taking you back to the front page, and then making you click the "Forum" link again to take you back to the index). Clicking the banners on the other hand, should re-direct you to the front page displaying the news as it is right now. Just my opinion,

I'd like to make a public announcement:

I blame Stingraid for all bad things that happen on the internet.
We're working on correcting the breadcrumb links at the top now.

As for the thing about PM...not sure I get what you're talking about.
Sorry for not making it a little more clear.

What I meant is, we now have two places to access our Private Messages, where it seems only necessary to have one. In purple is where most of us are use to accessing our private messages, while in the red is the new location. I really don't think its necessary having it in both, perhaps we do not need it under the "Menu" tab, seeing that the purple location will sustain.

I might just be over analyzing everything, which is something I tend to do. ;s



I like the new User CP you just added, displaying our avatar and PM usage. Kudos goes out to Admins. =DDD

I hate to tell you dude, but that's always been there.

Ducain says:


I hate to tell you dude, but that's always been there.


Further evidence to show that I am losing it.

*looks at vacation postcard infected by HIH logo*

Everything looks awesome Duke, much love to all the admins who have been helping with all the new changes.

Sweet a replying system to newsposts :cool:

Keep it up guys! I love the changes.