Change is a good thing...
...and heaven knows we're used to it here at HIH.

So here's the deal: the page that you are hopefully now seeing is going to be our new default forum index page.

Very shortly, this is also going to become the homepage for HIH. For some time now (heck, forever practically) our site and forum have been devided into two areas, two domains, and even two different servers. Very soon, that will end, but for now, this is step one.

What this does for us is give us a nice looking interface for presenting information, while making the assembling and posting of that information much easier, coupled with a great software base that works well in most (if not all) browsers, and that is designed from the ground up to be seamlessly integrated with vBulletin.

Basically, it looks fairly good, is VERY easy to use, and more or less rocks.

We'll be adding more features from the old site very soon, but a few features have already been ported. I'm excited about some of the things we'll be able to bring because of this. For one, we're going to be using an area of the forum for trick reviews, with members again acting as a review board. More cool stuff is on the way.

Also, before your forumite/internet troll side kicks in and you have a knee-jerk whine reaction, let me also say that this change is being made for the longevity of the site. I've come to point in my life that if I don't simplify this monster a bit, there will be no way for me to continue as I have, especially with the release of Halo 3 on the horizon. So, when you see changes like this, think to yourself "Poor old Duke is just trying to hold on to the last few thin threads of his sanity,".

Cheers guys. We'll keep you updated on the whole process. Look here for your news, because the other frontpage is officially on retirement leave.

Edit by Phantom: To access the forum listings, click the Forum Index link in the navbar on your left.

UPDATE BY DUKE: Ok, sorry about that guys. The 'Home' button at the top will now still take you to the forum index view (like it always did), but clicking on the top banner (the user created HIH banners), will take you to the forum 'home' page (soon to be the HIH frontpage). Thanks sorahn.
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