Just for the record...
I just wanted to take a second and say that we have the best admin staff here at HIH that I could possibly imagine.

These guys work so hard, and put in time that would blow your mind. Take a look at everything you see on this site and forum and realize that every tiny bit of it was setup by someone working for free, volunteering time because they care.

Also take tonight for example. From MUCH past experience we already knew that even though we bought a peice of forum software that cost around $175 bux, and that we put in time to make it cool, that we'd have thread after thread of whining, *****ing, and complaining...and that's what happened.

Luckily, in most cases those people were drowned out by the more sane among you. Still, realize that comments like that are VERY hard not to take personally when you've spent time and effort on giving something to the community. The fact that these guys can take that stuff on the chin, and then sign on the next day to help you guys out says AMAZING things about these people, and I'm extremely grateful.

From the hours of coding spent by Sorahn, Phantom, and Shdw, to faithful and steady amaroq, sting, and Sprout in the forums, along with imSuck and his graphic/vbulletin work, and then on to the many toiling mods that slog through mounds of stuff each day, my hat is definitely off to these guys.

I admire guys like LouisWu, and I envy the time he gets to spend on the web sometimes, and though my time is severely limited here some days, it's good to know these folks are around.

Cheers. You guys are awesome.
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