Reach tricking explosion!
Well Reach has been out for about 6 days now and the HIH forums are blowin' up.

* First off is Dark Helmet with his absolutely insane "Bull in a china shop". I don't want to spoil it, but think of it as a new twist on the halo two break dancing tank glitch.

* Then there was DefyLogic's release of "Reach Racer Oni: Sword Base". They discovered and showed a really cool easter egg hidden on Oni: Sword Base involving some invisible switches and an explosive warthog race around a plotted circuit.

* Next we have a new Hold X To Trick video video that includes a tutorial in getting out and exploring around Bungie's Easter Egg Room (BEER). Now someone just needs to find a way on top of the glass!

* We also have a really cool video tutorial from SlYnki showcasing some awesome Flacon snatching and more on Winter Contingency. Some clever thinking was put into this one. Way to go man!

* Lastly there was a lively thread about "Bobs", "Switches", and "Data Pads" that was pretty intriguing. Reminds me of back in the halo 2 skull days.

(Thanks so much Jay for the writeup!)

I will fix the sound in my youtube video soon, I swear XD