Wait - what?! Space battles?
If you haven't already done so, head over to Bungie.net to play/download the Halo Reach campaign trailer unveiled at E3. Stunning. You'll watch it many times, but the end is what made me do a double-take. Wow - can't wait.

This makes me happy that I'm going to have a 360 soon. =">
Hogs in space is now a reality.
What eletes with armor lock!? That is not right! lol
zo my goodness... ITS STAR FOX ALL OVER AGAIN!!! "do a barrel roll!!!"
So I've got time to waste so I thought I'd screencap several things interesting to spot out in the video. (some might be old news to the beta players)

New Hud
I'd like to point out the grenade selection. Looks like Noble six is starting the mission, however he already has 2 plasma nades even if he hasn't encountered covenants yet. Lol.
- spoiler -
- spoiler -
Halo:CE covenant dropships
You can see them over the drop pod.
- spoiler -
New Elite armor
- spoiler -
New BADASS looking marines
- spoiler -
Possibility to now cleary distinguish female/male spartans
The female counterpart looks less buff/bulky
- spoiler -
Elite armor lock
(man I hope armor permutations will make legendary super hard to play)
- spoiler -
Space battles
Same system as earth battles though. You can see the shield/life metres on the HUD, to the right of the longsword. (and I don't want to feel like a party ruiner here but this just feels like banshee fights, only in space and with different textures and lots of schlapskie blowing up around you)
- spoiler -
I can't do this one justice with a screenshot. Look a 1:36 in the video.
- spoiler -

Ok so I found this on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bXSzVfeeCg. This is footage of the first reach campaign mission apparently. You can see parts of it were used to make the trailer on bungie's website. Look at the 2:13 mark: the ghost splatters itself on the armor locked noble. If this event is scripted, I now announce the first campaign challenge of reach: save that ghost!

Other than that, I think the music is kick-ass.
When i look at the space battle more and more it makes me feel like I'm playing Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X or another flight simulator which is a little disappointing but i trust bungie will make it memorable some how maybe by making space battles include more than i shoot you then chief goes to the planet while i lose through in-game dialogue. As for the ghost being scripted I bet it is because Kurt stands in that spot for a good 5 seconds waiting for the ghost while being shot at which means he's either really stupid or it's scripted. Also i think Kat(Female Spartan) looks less bulky because her robot arm is much thinner than a real arm. Plus I'm glad Elites have armor lock to even things out and to make the higher difficulties a brand new love/hate experience.
I am really looking forward to Halo Reach know, the trailer made it look epic. I never really got the chance to play the beta because I didn't have xbox live at the time.

The Space Battles are going to be epic :)