Halo Reach Beta Jumping
AllShallPerish says, " During the first days of the Reach beta, some groups put their minds together and popped out 3 interesting jumping videos, featuring some new found techniques. They are definitely worth the watch:

None of the Above: This is the very first Reach jumping video and shows mainly what you can pull off as an Elite in the Reach beta.

Dying Light: In opposite to the first video, this shortly later released video contains only Spartan jumps.

New Heights
: Tony Perkis, known for his Halo 2 jumping video classics, returns with this little Reach beta jumping video."

We've always been fans of jump videos here at HIH, and these show that Reach has much to offer us in the future. I'm not sure if any/all these have been mentioned elsewhere, but regardless, they're worth a shout here.
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