Did you know?
ShadowFlame says, "With Halo 2 in it's final throes, Bungie takes the opportunity to give us a farewell we've always imagined: the comical butchering of Halo 2's "Did You Know" facts for our entertainment. They should put a smile on your face one last time on Halo 2."

See a good number of them in an HBO forum thread created by FyreWulff.

Heh, I like the format "______ says..."! It kind adds a nice, personal touch to the news. :)

Hope everyone else enjoyed 'em; what was your favorite?
*notices you put Shad0wFlame without the 0* :D
Reading those made me so sad.. But I admit they were quite amusing. This is a reason to love Bungie.

I'd say my favorite was the one about backwash. I chuckled.