Just about the time you think you know what's up...
... along comes the HIH staff and messes it all up.
Well, if you're confused, I promise it will soon give way to happiness, because the HIH forum has moved (at long last) to vBulletin, which is a vastly superior forum software to phpBB.
vBulletin allows us to have greater control over what goes on here, and it gives us MUCH better security than the constantly hacked phpBB does. We're all pleased with it. Now on to the details...

1. Feel free to create an account for yourself here, just like you did on the other forum. We're not worried about the member count, and so we're just going to start fresh.

2. Taking the rightful forum name of another person is a bannable offense, and will not be reconsidered. Before you do something silly, consider if it's worth an IP ban.

3. There are many new features that this forum will give to you as a registered user. Take a few minutes and check things out.

4. We're still in the progress of transferring over important content from the other forum. Give us a week or so, and if something didn't get transferred that you think we missed, email us at that point.

5. Realize that this new system will take awhile for US to learn as well, and so don't freak out if something that's enabled now becomes disabled in the future...

I'll be adding more to this as I need to, and the other admins may add things as well.
Pull up a chair close to the fire and relax awhile while enjoying the new digs.

Oh, and just in case you freak out, we're archiving the old forums. They are not gone, and will be readable very soon.

Be patient.

A note to all members that had stickies or important threads on the original forum. (i.e. MikeFez regarding the HIH Beauty Peagant) I have already re-posted some of the important stickies in various forums. If you see your sticky posted by myself or any other staff member to get the code to repost it, we have not taken it from you, We have simply posted it on the new forum while the transfer. If you have a sticky on the original forum that has major importance and is not here, you can private message me or other staff members so we can retrieve it for you. A small reminder, there are some stickies that will not be retrieved simply because they are completely outdated (i.e. the "What You Like To Do" Thread featured in the original XBL/XBC requests forum)

Thanks for all of your patience,

No The Old Forums Pants
FordFouter says:

No The Old Forums Pants

every one of your posts is a bump. look at the date posted.

new members need a post lock for the first week. seriously.