One rung at a time
One of the hallmarks of early Halo 1 multiplayer trick videos was people managing to get behind various ladders in the MP maps. Carrying that theme forward is a thread in the Halo 1 tricks section featuring a HUGE video (broken into four parts), and loads of discussion about getting behind every ladder they can find.

Vivid says, "The 'Ladders' video is a compilation of getting behind every ladder in the game, campaign and multiplayer - excluding the ones that are mirror images of each other (Boarding Action, Wizard, etc..) It's broken into four parts because of it's length, there's over an hour of footage in there. Anyway, it's basically walking on the backside of every ladder in the game, and also includes walking on the top of Prisoner."

So if you want a dose of chutes and ladders, Halo style, swing by the forum thread for some video and discussion.
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