You Awake Out There?
Just in case you didn't know ODST has officially been released. We'll be busy attempting things that aren't supposed to be done, we suggest you do the same.

In the game that is, get off that ladder and remove the gerbil from the peanut butter. Now, go kill some virtual aliens.


Don't forget those Spider Monkeys!
Indeed. Let's do it. :)
Who's Ducain?

i guess i should probably turn on the xbox now
Ms. Man;764183 says:

i guess i should probably turn on the xbox now

I'm anticipating your destruction of this game.
Ms. Man is still around?
Ducain;764141 says:

Indeed. Let's do it. :)

About time you come back. It's been ages..

Played it. Loved it. :smile:
Frostdaddy;764253 says:

Ms. Man is still around?

haha, just to enjoy fellow HIH members videos. not much of a tricker anymore.
Haven't seen/found anything substantial yet and over 24 hours has passed. :frown:
It's impossible guys. They have invisible WALLS. :cool:

//King of Traxus
Yeah, invisible walls killed tricking

.... Who the hell are these people?

Ms.... Man? That name doesn't even make sense.

Ducain? Is that a hair product?

I swear, the newbies on this forum are coming up with some weird screen-names.



This game is actually alright for tricking. You can get out of most of the firefight maps by launching or elevatoring ( or wtvr ). And campaign is full of ledges and stuff high in the buildings. I guess bungie did that on purpose though because the barriers are pretty low in some places. There needs to be some way to break the barriers. I guess if anyone could figure it out it would be you guys.
Invisible walls are meant to be taken down. That's why bungie put them up.