HIH Forge Building Contest V3 Winners!
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All the submissions have been played/tested and the votes have been tallied. Some epic maps have come out of the wood works for the Third installment of Pkaboos Forge Building Contest. So epic in fact, we couldn't decide on just one winner. So with out further adieu the two winners are, (Drum roll for dramatic effect...)

Vale by Reiko and Simple D


Halo Wars by Cheese Jam

You have to give it to these three guys for coming up with some
unique maps for some awesome game play. They now have bragging
rights and are dubbed King of forging on sandbox here at HIH!


If you find yourself in need of a great one flag, assault, or just a good ol' slayer map stop right here, Vale
has it all. This map forces you to think on your feet and come up with some crazy strategies in order to cap the flag or get the bomb planted. Having all kinds of different ways to attack, and even more ways to defend. The favorite get in a hog and lets grab the flag might not work so well here.

The main battle is right in the middle of the map, along with inside the defensive base if you can make it that far. Keep in mind though that some pretty handy power weapons are scattered on the outskirts of the map, so don't just go rushing through the middle. Once you have the flag its up to you to decide the best route to take to get the flag back, either running up the middle sneaking along the edge, or hoping in a waiting mongoose. However you do it, make sure you bring the best guys on your friends list to this blood bath of a map.

Halo Wars

This map is anything but ordinary bringing the fun of Halo Wars to Halo 3s fast passed multiplayer. The rules are simple, each team has a commander everyone else is a playable unit. The commander selects which unites he wants and which weapons and vehicles he wants to give them. Using a sniper rifle from a look out point the commander can open doors and have weapons dropped in to his awaiting units. After that its the same as every other multiplayer, kill the other team and capture there base "territories style". The team that captures all the basses is the winner.

You never know what your opponents commander is going to throw at your team next. One minute you have only one more enemy to kill, the next he's flying around in a hornet that literally fell from the sky, with three teammates at his back. So bring your friends and your A game here, because you never know what will happen.


Awesome maps! Congrads guys.
HelloSayGoodbye;729079 says:

hoping in a waiting mongoose.

HelloSayGoodbye;729079 says:
captures all the basses is the winner.

If these maps screw up your spelling, I REALLY need to get them! :wink:

But seriously, great job guys. :biggrin:
The first post is constantly flashing white in front of my eyes, as if it were being posted while I was here. What's up with that?
Sounds like you guys played Vale properly.

Also, well done, CheeseJam.
Orange Soda King;729673 says:

If these maps screw up your spelling, I REALLY need to get them! :wink:

That is what happens when you type this up late at night, then have Wicked proof read it even later at night <_<