Sarkathlon 3 Winners announced!
The epic race is over and the times recorded. That's right G4 announced the winners of the third installment of the Sarkathlon today. Our very own DJ Maluu took second place and was only 2 seconds short of winning it all. A new comer Tylyr1 came out of the wood works this year to grab the prize. Check out the official announcement here.

If you didn't get a chance to enter the contest you can still win a brand new Xbox elite by entering G4's "Too Lazy To Play Sark" sweepstakes. Yeah it's that easy.

They didn't even come close to mentioning me as the 3rd place winner, that really hurt Sark =(.

Anywho, congratz maluu! You really should've tried to get that 2:15! If Mr Sark decides to make another Sarkathlon I can't wait to compete against you and this new tylyr1 guy.
Anybody have a youtube link to the winner and Maluu's video? I wanna see
Is anybody else too lazy to "Login or Register" for the Lazy sweepstakes? :frown:
Grats tylyr1 and Maluu.
Wow, very cool how they have entirely different paths (save for the very beginning) and yet still had very similar times. Maluu must be kicking himself about that one jump (though I'm not sure it cost him the full 2 seconds). Very nice to the both of those guys though.
TaCtic4L Virus;727849 says:

You really should've tried to get that 2:15!

Oh believe me, I did. I had to work A LOT near the end of the contest though so I didn't have nearly as much time to play as I wanted. I had a lot of fun though. Can't wait for the next!

Reidon put up a youtube for me awhile ago. It can be viewed in HD [here">. You can see an alternative cam of the 2nd fire nade catch [here"> as well
Ugh, I just watched tylyr1's run and I was ahead of him by 2 or so seconds untill the very end, lining up for the long jump was what killed me in this sarkathlon. Congratz to him though for thinking of that grav-lift trick at the end, I guess my brain was too fried to think of something so simple.

@Maluu, has bungie given you guys your recon yet?