Halo 2 Done Segmented
Wow, I never though I'd get to post this, but our segmented run of Halo 2 is finally finished after 2 and a half long years. I, Scurty, Goatrope, NOKYARD Louis Wu, and djDAP joined forces to finish Halo 2 on legendary in 1:30:29 using segments.

We've pulled out all the stops for this one, and you'll see tricks and glitches you never thought possible, thanks to the power of segmenting.

Our run was verified by Speed Demos Archive, and you can check out the game page there. You can Download the full run from SDA or Archive.org, or you can view the individual levels at High Speed Halo.

Included in the SDA and Archive.org downloads as a second audio track is our commentary on the run. We think it is fun and informative, so you should give it a listen. To do so, just enable the second audio track in your video player. You probably want to disable the first track, or lower its volume as well. You can also download the commentary separately, as an AAC Audio file.

Everybody here at high speed halo deserves thanks for this, and it was a true team effort.

-Cody Miller
You can drop by and congratulate the guys at HSH on this accomplishment in this thread.

Holy balls that took a while. Great job everybody involved.
wow i lurk hsh a bit but that was seriously the most amazing runs ive ever seen
Congratulations to all, i'm amazingly impressed, which doesn't happen very often <_<

EPIC!!!!!!! I especially love Louis Wu's part!
Hot damn good run! I can't wait to watch the rest!
Downloading as I type this. Sounds pretty intense. Good job to all involved.
Metropolis was win. Really great job to you guys:eek:
Nice job guys.

Let's see you do Halo Wars on Legendary :wink:
HelloSayGoodbye;708964 says:

i'm amazingly impressed, which doesn't happen very often <_<


That's what she said.

As to the run: probably one of the most amazing things I've ever seen related to Halo. Hats off to these gentlemen!
Fukken nice.
(moved the thanks to the other, more appropriate, thread. heh.)
awesome achievement dudes and dudesses - whats next?