Making up for lost time- Lottery winners!
We know we're behind... we're doing our best, I promise.
We've got a batch of five up right now, and we'll continue to put up batches until we've made up for the past, oh, 2 and a half months or so.

I promise we'll be more attentive.
Congratulations to these winners!
Tech Artist

WHY AM I NOT ON THIS LIST? [s">I thought we made a deal[/s"> I hope I win next time.
Gratz to that people up there. :mad:

/mad that he didn't win
I never win. :(
Ooooh lots of famous people won! It's fixed!

gratz gaiz o/
hey. that digg guy won.
No worries, keep it up. Speaking from experience, I know how hard it is to stay current...
BuddhaCrane;696012 says:

Ooooh lots of famous people won! It's fixed!

gratz gaiz o/

Actually, I thought it was pretty weird too, but they're all completely random.

We'll have the next batch out soon enough. Then we'll be on track.
Mr_Boomba;695821 says:


You are on the top of my list of people that should have won by now.
I call dibs on next
demolisher7;701599 says:

I call dibs on next

Double dibs. Btw demolisher, Alizee suits you about as well as Anakade.