HIH DLC Bundle Pack
For the low cost of 9,001 MS points you can purchase one lottery interview and four trick reviews.

And not just any interview mind you. For the holidays, I was able to chat with falloutboy. Still not excited? What if I told you that there were twelve of them? Hrmm?? That's what I thought.

You can read fob12's lottery interview right here. You can also find it here but not here. Definitely not here either.

Our first tricking write-up comes from Anakade

DWT Productions brings us a new video “Psychoneurosis”. This video is a little lengthy, running about 10 minutes, but it’s well worth the watch. Starting off with a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing trick of floating vehicles, and ending with a big finale of 45 Vehicles out of, and on top of the Ark. Don’t think that’s all they have to offer, in between are some awesome tricks as well, including a scarab that just wants to explore his surroundings. Don’t forget to stick around after the tricks subside for a special guest appearance of who may or may not be John Belluci.

Recently featured on Bungie’s Blog, and on HBO’s Front Page, you can be sure that this is one video that you do not want to miss.
You can check out Psychoneurosis in this thread, and let them know what you think of it.

The rest of the goodness written by zmanjr7

4 Player Co-op

Wait? So what? Halo 3 has 4 player coop. How about 4 player co-op one xbox though. Yep thats right, DollarPwnCenter shows us a video of how to have not 2, not 3, but 4 people people playing campaign on a single xbox. Amazing.

Past the Waters

Some more news from the Halo 3 Campaign section. This time it comes from Hold X to Trick's Boargasm, who goes into great detail on how to cross the river in the first level of the game. Stop by and enjoy some good old tricking.

Kickin' it Old School

SRL is at it again, this time accomplishing the amazing feat of getting below the hangar room in the Halo 2 level The Arbiter. Check it out as he does some grenade jumping with relative ease to reach this unexplored area.

Thats awesome that Anakade's recent video got featured on Bungie' Blog.

Oh, I didn't know it was front paged until now. Awesome, haven't had one of these since the last big change to the site.
Edit: Where does the money go to?