Three Doses of the Good Stuff
With an hour left on the clock, Ghost Faction jukes past the Ogre and posts on time! The crowd (you guys) go wiiild! Okay, that's just about enough of that. This week's winner loves playing different scenarios with large groups of men. After wishing that he was me he goes into detail about "Blue Streaks" (it must be the stalker camouflage he uses). Oh, and did I mention that he talks about Richard Simmons? Well, he does right here in his interview.

Along with your weekly dose of Lotto goodness, I bring you two other pieces of news. The first being a friendly reminder from Shad0wFlame:

“Hey guys, Shad0wFlame again.
Just wanted to give you guys a little reminder about spoilers.
In the coming months, there are many blockbuster titles that are coming out that I’m sure you guys are going to discuss in the Gaming and Console Section. Please keep that in mind that not everyone who wants a game will have it immediately. Either for financial reasons or other, everyone deserves to browse the section without worrying about reading something they didn’t want to.
For approximately a month after a game’s release [or longer if you like">, please use the spoiler tags whenever they’re applicable. You don’t need to use ‘em constantly, but if it’s just a general discussion thread, everyone should be able to browse it without worrying.
Remember, all you need to type to save someone the trouble is - spoiler - SPOILER TEXT[/*spoiler"> without the asterisk.
With a bit of co-operation and common sense, G&C will be spoiler-free.”

On top of that, Anakade, one of our more "vocal" members, would like everyone to take a couple of minutes to search your hard drives for any DWT videos you may have. A full explaination and list of videos can be found here.

I hope nobody posts any BS about the new games without using spoilers... And poor Kade, losing all his vids.
Lol, "vocal" member... you mean hes an ass? lol
<3 Anakade
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