This Week's Lottery Winner: Brain Virus!
C-C-C-Combo breaker!! My on-time lottery posting spree has finally ended. Well... looks like my writer's block has returned in full force. For now, I leave you will an original poem some of you may have already read:

Originally written by Brain Virus

He peddled glory
He marketed fame
One could not know the deceit
Deep within his name

Passionate lies
The cause was noble
with this champion
Domination would be global

We followed him
our sadistic mentor
the illusion had won
the truth began to enter

We pulled the triggers
released the pain
We were innocent bystanders
nothing to gain

the numbers climbed
the bodies fell
Welcome good sir
to this living hell

and through the night
though our will was free
it was not ours...

Now commencing reich number three

Without further ado, here's a link to Brain Virus' interview

What, my body guard and big furry teddy bear won! Yah!!!

just for you HSG... just for you.