This Week's Lottery Winner: Coolermatt!
What are the chances that two faces would win back-to-back (and both are posted on time)? Don't ask me... I'm not some scientist like Bill Nye who can figure out insane percentages like that. If you only skim this interview be sure to read about how he's allergic to tacos and wouldn't eat one even if his life was on the line. There's also a part about something being "easy" and "fun to do". I couldn't really figure out what he was talking about so I'll leave it up to your imagination.


Those silly multiple-personality faces...
If you haven't entered the lottery yet, you can do so by posting here ONCE!!

Grrr waiting to win. Congrats to all.
Awesome, can't believe I actually won :)
Nice Avvy, congratz.

Next weeks lottery winner: SHADOW0f1NTENT
wow really me! Finnaly!