HIH User Lottery Version 2.5!
Before I start with my usual shenanigans, I would like everyone to know something. This lottery is not in version 2.5. I don't know what that is and I've never seen that before. (I wonder how many people will get that reference...)

Once upon a time, a little bunny was hopping through the forest. When that bunny won the lottery, he decided that all he wanted was the interview and not the custom avatar/title. After he convinced me that it wasn't rabbit hunting season (apparently my calendar is waaay off and it's duck season) we both agreed that another lottery winner would be suitable. That's when I met Santa for the first and last time. I don't want to go into details but let's just say that I broke more than six bones but less than eight.


In other news, a new Lotto thread has been created in Yap and Blabber. Those of you who haven't posted in the new thread yet will not be eligible to win the lottery until you do.

Nice story lawlz; Good Luck To Everyone!
That story made me want to punch TNSGT in the face with a led rake
That story made me want to kick TNSGT in the stomach with steel toed boots
Zophory;648660 says:

That story made me want to punch TNSGT in the face with a led rake

That toast made me want to...


ur face.
Epic story. I'm going to read that to my future children when they go to sleep. :D.
Bitches best start commentin on mah interveews