It's Extravagant!
If you've never seen a Scarab drop-kick the Anti-Air Wraith and send it flying into orbit, I have some people you need to meet. DollarPwnCenter and Friends (Team Gnarly) are back again, and they are here to prove that they still "got it". Team Gnarly Extravaganza 2 is the latest variety video from some of HIH's gnarliest tricksters. It's jam-packed with launches, glitches, floating thingies, flying wraiths, cruise ships, and other shenanigans.

The footage was originally planned to be featured in Trinity III, but due to that annoying jerk we know as "real life" the third installment of HIH's greatest collaboration effort had to be canceled. Good thing Dollar and Friends didn't let that get to them. They rendered up all the tricks they had planned into one heart-stopping, jaw-dropping masterpiece. Don't miss this one!

Written by FooFoo and slightly edited by Ghost Faction

nice job
Thanks Foo Foo and ghost faction
DollarPwnCenter;641194 says:

Thanks Foo Foo and ghost faction

You guys deserved it