Two Scoops of News
It's been a while since there's been a post here on the FP so I had to make sure it would be a good one. And by good I mean great.

The first part of this FP post is the announcement of new avatars for you to choose from. I won't spoil the surprise of which avatars were chosen and which weren't- you'll have to dig through our gallery of now 150 avatars. That's a nice, round number, isn't it?

Some of you might've noticed the lack of Lottery Winners over the past couple of weeks. Well, that's been a combination of users not responding and other work behind the scenes. What work? We'll be getting more into that at a later date.

To view the interview, simply click on the name you wish to read

Mr. Sark
Fuzzy Window
{NL} Boonmaster

If you haven't entered the lottery yet, you can do so by posting here ONCE!!

Keep It Clean

Second best thing besides a custom avatar, and title... :p
Im am proud of my avatar and I will not be intimidated by any new avatars to ever change my original one. :D
Aww. Oh well, I tried. Why is the one called Blue Scout actually blue Rogue?
I think the new avatars will be cool,I am kinda bored with my blocky original avatar,needs a change...
I can't even believe Boon won... that is awesome.
Oh yeah just out of curiosity, is this why HIH was down the other day?
Lone Starr says:

Oh yeah just out of curiosity, is this why HIH was down the other day?

I just so happened to be in the AdminCP when things exploded

However, the server went down, not just HIH
you "just happened" to be in the AdminCP? did you click a wrong button ;)
Hello, every one. I am new here
amily says:

Hello, every one. I am new here

Nice to meet you! :D