Glitchblog interview of some boring dude...
SPJ at GlitchBlog has posted a small interview with me over at his site. The good thing about this exchange is that you don't have to block out a few hours of time to read it, unlike the interview I did with Louis Wu and Narc. You can read this baby before your coffee gets cold. Head on over to GlitchBlog for a quick read.

Good interview, you had a wise line in there that stuck out to me.
Great interview, really explains the HIH community. :)
Yeah it's not a competition, it's just all abhout sharing things and hopefully giving someone something fun to try.
Way to go Steve and thanks for taking the time Ducain :)
As Spazn said, that quote is awesome.
Good interview. Nice read.
Thanks for all the comments guys, and thanks to Ducain for mentioning this on the front page.:)