HIH Halo 1 Trick Challenge - T&R Launch!
We're revisiting our roots around here lately, and it seems like I'm not alone in my desire to revisit some old ground. I mean, I told have to encourage anyone to play the awesomeness that is Halo 3, but sometimes a gentle nudge is required to help us remember that the 'ole original still has some life in her.

I was going to post my challenge this evening in the Halo 1 trick forum, and found that SlYnki had beaten me to it. I'm more than cool with that, and I'm pleased that others have this in mind as well.

The challenge is this - get to the bottom of Truth and Reconciliation, and LAUNCH BACK UP. We've done this in Silent Cartographer, and in Halo. T & R has neven been tackled for a bottom to top launch.

Dust off your huge Halo 1, channel FrogBlast, Dark Helmet, and MsMan, and blow yourselves UP!



Cool, I'd love to see someone complete this.
Wait, are those guys still around?
shakensparco says:

Wait, are those guys still around?
I think he is saying to use the force to channel in their powers, aka skillz... >_>
Yes... epic, epic, EPIC. I commend anyone brave enough to give it a go!
this is nuts, haha... good luck to whoever tries it.... i might even try myself, but i'm no good anymore
Ms. Man says:

i might even try myself, but i'm no good anymore
Haha, you still have the humor. :p