New maps - and a great screenshot resource
As we all know, the new maps are out, and the wild-eyed minions of HIH have descended upon these maps like locusts fresh off a diet. Right in time for this tomfoolery, sorahn has announced the completion of his redo of On the forum, he says that he's allowed image hotlinking of screenshots for the HIH forum, so when you get to some cool new place, upload a screenshot to, and then enter your gamertag at to have a long-term archive of your image. Then, post your images straight to our forum.


Mmm, legendary maps and sor's hss site in one Newspost. Tasty. Glad he's got it all good to go.

The new effects are perfect for mine and Forcy's new map. :D
That is quite epic. Epic indeed. is an awesome site. Thanks to sorahn if he happens to spy this. <3

The legendary maps are hawt