A long fought Halo 2 trick - conquered!
It's happened! Halo 2's equivalent of Halo 1's Tower to Tower Challange has been completed by none other than tricking legend and veteran, grumpy! Any Halo 2 tricker (or otherwise) knows that Quaratine Zone is easily the biggest and most manipulative map in all of Halo 2. Forerunner of QZ tricking, KORHAL made the QZ map a desirable proving ground to beginning and veteran trickers alike. Probably the last big trick to be done on QZ, is getting a vehicle into the Index Chamber (or, at least, the room/ building prior to it.)

Through the power of teamwork, caffine, and maybe a few Xboxes powered by zombie pirate ninja hamster driven hamster wheels, the ultimate tricking frontier has been conquered. Drop by and prepare to have your fancies tickled and your brain exploded! Don't forget to tip your upset dwarves, and everyone else who made this event possible.

- Written by Terminator

amazing job to everyone who helped out!
Amazing. Great work guys.
TermytheWormy says:

Probably the last big trick to be done on QZ, is getting a vehicle into the Index Chamber (or, at least, the room/ building prior to it.)
Hey, I think I made it in by a nose (or the folded-out flap of the nose)! It was at least 1/4" inside, or maybe a nostril hair. Now someone else will have to get a vehicle all the way inside and swordfly.

- spoiler -
Thanks, to Duke and Termy for all this (FP). Gramps is not grumpy anymore.
I wouldn't call it equivalent of t2t... If someone launched all the way through the tunnels to the gondola from the flood cave, then I would say it's way better than t2t. :p

Still the fact that grumpy had to start the level over from the beginning every attempt is still pretty crazy, (props to you once again). :)

I may have unlocked the secret to getting it on there, but the fact that people like xlax007, dantheman87, and some others all tried to get it on there... I think they also deserve some respect. ;)

Once again great job!!! POTS and Ducain weren't lying when they said they would make a write-up. :D
*Just notices*

Thanks Ducain! :D I'm extremely happy to see this bad boy has earned it's place in a spotlight. Without sunscreen. Mmmmm, toasty.

*Pokes Grumpy's custom avatar*- spoiler -

We could compess it first, Sir. >_> Grumpy is an active poster, so obviously the file size would have to be cut down a bit..... pweety please?
Maybe I havent said this before, but I <3 Termeh. -_-

And trick=Win Incarnate. Grumps gets a special huggle from Gilleh.
Wow. It was finally completed. Great work!
Go you!
Wow, I will uh...have to watch all that. Has it really been over 3 years since I set that Challenge originally between pots and I? Wow grumpy. Just...WOW.

why isnt terminator a moderator
a terminadorator