This week's lottery winner: Delta MisFit!
Two Delta's, two weeks. No, the lottery isn't rigged. Honest.
This week's winner is Delta MisFit. Unfortunately, no interview this week. Delta MisFit is currently living among mole people to learn secrets about the flux capacitor.
Good luck Delta. Hopefully one day you'll return so we can have our interview.

If you haven't entered the user lottery yet, head on over to the lottery thread and make a post.

Edit: Delta MisFit has returned! No news on the flux capacitor, but he did respond to the interview.

Reidon says:

No, the lottery isn't rigged. Honest.


:sad face:
Congrats, MisFit.
Gratz Misfit
can i win again since its rigged?
Can i win.............:(

I miss haven't talked to him in a while and it seems that he has disappeared from the tricking universe ever since halo 3 has come out.

Anyways...if he ever sees this, CONGRATS...

I could probably do the interview for know to much about him.
Is it greedy to REALLY F***ING WANT TO WIN?!?! :)...


Congrats Delta #2.

Enjoy your Caturday.

- spoiler -

Wasn't delta on some halo glitching show? or maybe I'm insane.. his name rings a bell.
Reidon says:

No, the lottery isn't rigged. Honest.

Bllasae says:


thats why im gona win again
MaStEr IrOc says:

thats why im gona win again

I'll bet ;).
I'm pretty sure this is the same deltaMisFit from halo 3 tricks. Seen here:
He's been in some new episodes, so he's not gone, He's just cheating on HiH with other trickers.