HIH Hillock Day Signups
If you haven't heard already, a thread has been created in H3 Gen where you can sign up to play the mighty Staff in a Hillock Day Challenge. Signups are open to anyone willing to participate in the most one-sided Halo games of all time.

You can read more about it in the actual sign up thread.
Remember: losing is not required, only expected.

ghost faction, you are one funny guy. seriously.

Sign ups are awesome.
Likely outcome:

You have been warned. :cool:

I see what you did there. Lawl shad0w.
Shad0w... aren't monitors like not considered staff?
lulz shadow... i wouldnt do that >.>
im to "NICE";)

hope i get picked... just hope i get a PM or sumthin telling me the time and place.
*goes to pray* :D

Pkabooicu says:

Shad0w... aren't monitors like not considered staff?

They are technically both
soo...who u gonma pick?
i would like to participate:)
This is not the sign-up thread