Happy Holidays from the HIH Staff
Thanks to Shad0wFlame's 1337 photoshop skillz and a little Staff cooperation (wish we had that during the Hillock Days) here is the official HIH Happy Holidays postcard. What could be a better gift during the holidays? After all, I'm in it. What more could you want?
Besides me, how many other Staff can you spot?

Sometime between Christmas hangovers and New Year's Eve's forum changes you guys have been asking for (and some you haven't) will be put into affect.

In case you're wondering why this is a day late they celebrate Christmas on December 26th in the North Pole.

clickz me for a larger size

<3 HIH staff including the ones who I owned in the Hillockday Challenge :p
I've been waiting for these changes, I'll keep my eye out ;)

Also, nice job with the postcard Shad0w.
Merry Christmas to HIH as well. I'm looking forward to the update.
I hate that, just based on the fact that Ghost Faction is in it.
I feel left out.

Monitors = No love D:

Anyways, thats a 1337 card. Nice photoshop! Would have been ten times cooler if I was in it though :P

Its ok Xetzy, I'm almost done with your archive. Then you'll never be left out!

=D =D =D =D D=

Awsome work guys, I still cant find anyone in taht, not even GF.
It looks more like Happy Hanukkah to me. Isn't that a Menorah? Don't send this card to a Priest, heh heh.
I'm guessing they go by the colors of their avatars on HIH. So Ghost Faction is the one with the gravity hammer, wearing the old school Halo 1 helmet, red and white?
And I assume that's amaroq beside him? If he even has live. Sornos is Canadian so he is one of the blue ones.

I have no clue.
The fat dinosaur ruined the pic.

=D Glad I could oblige. I didn't blend the decorations in at all, but I think it looks nice anyway.

And if anyone needs to know who is who, just find their gamertags and look up what they're wearing. =P

Though, Ghost Faction is a dead give-away, with the blue and white Mark V armor, and he's in the center. And I'm pretty sure Ducain is the elite, because he can be. =)

Ducain I can deffinatly see as an elite :)
new bass man? no wait...:mad:
i love it guys.
Lol, my spartan is Christmas colors all year around. Someone shoulda hacked my account and been in it :p
I changed my helmet to ODST about a week back and Bungie hasnt updated, but whatever.
Yay! Too bad I'm a little late with this... =(

Anyways...can't wait for the changes!

nice postcard, im not even gunna bother guessing who is who XD
i dont really know anyone >.>

just glad u guys didnt forget another religion (mind u, the Hanukkah story isn't even in the Torah) :rolleyes: that story came later... but i kinda find it funny that the most known Jewish holiday isn't even a really important one :D
Thank you!