Must see Halo 3 tricks of 2007
Just for some holiday fun, I've started a thread that I hope will eventually contain a small list of some of the best of the best Halo 3 trick links that our community has produced in the months since the Halo 3 release. Many of us (me included), have been busy lately, and have missed seeing some of the best HIH trickery. Now's the time to dredge the forum, dig up the good stuff, and let the community know which tricks you consider 'must see' for 2007. Have fun, and I'm looking forward to watching.

Awesome idea.
I'm gonna go find something wrong with it, and be the first one to complain.
:D i should have thought of that
Needs Moar Tricks!!!
Hey Ive just wondered, Does Ducain Have Halo 3? I wonder this because it doesnt show up in the little gamer score thing to the right of our names