This week's lottery winner: MaStEr IrOc!
This week's lottery winner is MaStEr IrOc, and if I have to type out all those caps one more time I'm going to lose it. Anyway, IrOc likes to dress up as Beowulf and run around starting fires in his hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Seriously though, what kind of a name is 'iroc'? Is it supposed to mean 'i am a rock'? Who gives himself a name that sounds like 'i am a rock'? Weird. In any case, you can read all about him in his interview.

As always, if you haven't yet entered the user lottery for some reason, you can swing by the lottery thread and toss your name into the hat. You really only need to enter once, though, so those of you who have entered six or seven times now can take a cruise on the failboat.

congrats master Iroc.
What a homee Iroc is... he deserves to win! Good Job and Congrats dude!