This week's lottery winner: sean7690!
This week's lottery winner is sean7690. Sean thinks that he's a dog, which confuses his cat. He's addicted to plastic bags but is afraid of Dr. Pepper. He also reminds everyone to burn first, and then pillage. You can read his interview, along with every other winner's interview, over in the lottery winners' section.

As usual, if you're new here or have been living under a rock or haven't been able to visit the site because of the court-mandated HIH Internet Blackout ordered by the admidistrators and board of directors of the internat, you can swing by the lottery thread and toss your name into the hat.

Grats sean for winning. ;)

lol, at you saying he's addicted to plastic bags.

Lol, you spelled it wrong, but I fixed it. A lung disease caused by breathing in volcanic rock/volcanic smoke dust

Congrats :D