First Weekly Multiplayer Trick Roundup
Just like Campaign, our Multiplayer section will be having a weekly roundup of all things cool, interesting and just plain weird. All sections that fall under Multiplayer like Jumping, the regular MP forum (duh) and Forge have a chance to land a spot in this roundup. Yep, even Forge. Even though some of you shun the Forge and call it "cheating" it's still a viable way to glitch. Okay, enough with introductions, I leave the rest of this roundup to long time member and all around cool guy Causeofdeath15:

Greetings ladies and gents, Causeofdeath15 here with the very first "Weekly MP Roundup" and boy do we have some hidden treasures in these forums. Jump on in and take a look, they're going fast. Just don't feed the ogre.

First up in this weeks roundup is a short collaberation between two excellent Halo 3 Jumpers, CaptainCrunch and jagg3d Shrapn3l. The video is called Shraptain and runs about 6 minutes. I was simply blown away by this video, the percision of some of the jumps in this video were outstanding and is topped off with some fine editing on behalf of jagg3d Shrapn3l. They obviously put a ton of work into this video so be sure to let them know what you think of it. Simply astounding work you two, keep it up!

Next up is something that wasn't exacly found by us, but rather brought to our attention by the big man himself. Ducain posts this little egg(s) found by Jordan117 at HBO which brought me back in time a few years. Our old friend, Mr. Hippo, shows his face in the dirtiest of places, in a pile of trash on High Ground. It may not seem like much but it's the little things like this that are the reason we are here and we should not forget that. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Duke.

The next video was a few pages back, but I thought it was really cool AND useful. This video is from a clan called Unforgotton Limits and is accordingly named, The Mancannon Rebound. This is a short, sweet video displaying a trick that lets you bounce off of equipment while in the middle of your mancannon launch, sending you flying back to where you came. Great find guys.

And finally, Pooned117 brings us an awesome display of fort Forgery in this thread. With the amount of time it must have took him (and whomever else helped) to make this magnificent "Pirate Fortress", he deserves a shoutout. Great work, hope to see some more structural beauties in the future from you.

That concludes this weeks Roundup. Remember, don't be afraid to post something if you think it's cool. Most of us don't bite...

lol shraptain got locked for some reason.

but thanks wery much ghost with da most.
Glad I could help Ghost.... I had, dare I say it... fun writing this up.

Hope I can help out more in the future. If you ever need a write up, just let me know. :)

And again, to everyone that I made a write up for, again, awesome work and keep it kickin. :D
Get summarized beeehotch.

Sexy, I shall watch these now.
Wooo i'm in the list! I feel so special :">