Frontpage adjustments and member thanks
I knew that once Halo 3 launched, we'd have to make some adjustments to the frontpage algorithm, and today was the day. The biggest thing to notice is that I changed the Halo 3 related news modules to a 7 day rotation, instead of the previous 14 days. With SO MUCH new content flooding the forum, the older topics were burying the new stuff. Now, your beloved thread has 7 days to gain fame and glory. After it's lived it's week in the sun, it moves over for newcomers, as it should be.

Secondly, we've added a new 'admin recommendation' feature. Basically, it means that any of our admins can flag a topic with a special checkmark (on the frontpage), saying that this certain admin found the topic particularly interesting or enjoyable. It does NOT mean that these topics are the best and most important - just that an admin thought them to be of special interest to him.

Lastly, I've enabled replies to this forum again, so feel free to run your mouth here just like you do elsewhere. :)


On a separate issue, I want to do some shout-outs here. In my last post, I thanked Bungie, as I should have. This time around, I want to thank the people HERE. HIH is creeping up on the 4 years old mark, and to this day, the community atmosphere of this place is refreshing.

I mentioned recently in the HBO forums that there are a few Halo community sites that just 'get it', and I'm glad we're in that group. The fact is, we've got the best admins/mods in the business, and you guys (the members) continue to make this place a great spot to hang out in.

It's been over a week since Halo 3 launch day, and it's been SO MUCH MORE positive and enjoyable here than it was for Halo 2, I can hardly believe it.

I just wanted to say thanks. You guys make this job fun...well, at least until we change forum skins again.


Cheers lads.


Second reply just to test.
thanks duke. much appreciated.
Sure is nice to hear that. Even if I'm not that great with finding new things to do or exploit, I do use this site often to impress my friends with things they didn't know. So thank YOU for providing this excellent community.
If I was the admin of a site this amazing I'd probably ruin it by bragging so much.

I dub thee, Ducain the Modest.

On topic, good call with the 7 day rotation.
Yay!!! Thx Duke!!! Where did u get that HiH Gamerpic?
Its awesome how HIH could survive all the time!
Ive been here since the beginnings of Halo 2 (not that long as a member though) and first I was just stunned by what I could see here.
It was not just that I havent seen sth. crazy like a warthog launch before, I didnt see someone ever do something with a game, he shouldnt have done like glitching.
And most of the things I couldnt even understand. I believed this maybe would be a modding site :D

But then I started trying things with my friends too and it was a good time.
Then there where awesome searches for easter eggs, like the "HI BEN" or Megg ones.

Then when Halo 2 was out for a pretty long time there was a bad time for this forum. There was nothing new to find and many good people left, also because of gaylords coming and spamming the forum.

But somehow you did it, to keep the site up and running with changes you made and did that so long that Halo 3 is here now.
And now it runs by itself, because we have a complete new game now.

Congratulations Ducain for achieving that! And thank you HIH, for such good times :)
And remember at the next skin change, I get to be the first complaint again.
yea duke. where did you get that HIH gamerpic?
As you no doubt noticed, I made a boo-boo earlier in the query. Fixed now. :)

As for the gamerpic, it's a hack that I made to our in-house gamercard code.
Ducain says:

As for the gamerpic, it's a hack that I made to our in-house gamercard code.
If you send that picture in to OXM, they can provide it on one of their demo disks for all of us so we could have it as a gamerpic. But that would mean that everyone who wants it would have to buy that issue... Plus, I don't know if all of the images get on the disk. They should, since they're only 64x64 pixels each.

EDIT so I'm actually on topic: Thank you for the shortening. The same threads stay up there all the time, and two weeks of the same threads would not work well.
guncow says:

If I was the admin of a site this amazing I'd probably ruin it by bragging so much.

I dub thee, Ducain the Modest.

On topic, good call with the 7 day rotation.

Ducain the badass is more like it...

Amazing job Duke, this site wouldn't be half as awesome without you.
The 'admin recommendation' sounds really good for a late night check on HiH, mighty happy you added it. As far as the 7 day rotation of old and new, I really don't know what your talking about; but, im sure you do :D Im going to go ahead and say good call on that.

As far as letting people to reply to these things, well lets just say I love running my mouth >.<

Thanks and Cheers mate.
Ducain says:

Second reply just to test.

yep, the guy did good. i find it a lil hard to believe, but he had help from the wu, and some noobs :P
congrats to a nice guy ! his getting mentioned in the halo 3 cedits, gave the trixerz a nod, we wouldna otherwisz got.

all the prep, and lots of folks have stopped playin already !!! 3/4 done on legendary... me eyes, me eyes :)

congrats to the rest of this motley crew, too. yer all pretty weird, ya know that? :)

hugs and kisses all around...