Thanks Bungie
I want to take a second and say 'THANK YOU' to Bungie, first for creating a game that looks like it will be everything we wanted and more, and secondly for being very gracious in mentioning our site in the game credits. We're humbled and honored by that, and even though 'thanks' doesn't really seem to cut it, we want Bungie (and everyone else) to know that we're grateful.

I'll probably take some time and post a personal game review in the next few days, but I'm personally blown away. EVERY single level makes my jaw drop. Beautiful - first class. Add to that the fact that the Halo 1 'feel' seems to be back. I don't know what it is (I'll be thinking about it), but it just feels RIGHT. Whoo!

Online Co-op, grand battles - heck ya. Bungie, great work.

Yeah! I just played through the game again with my friend. I watched the credits the whole way through. I was stunned to see than HiH was mentioned. I dunno if there is a proper way for me to thank bungie for entertaining many of my friends and I for countless hours. I guess one way to start is simple... Thank You Bungie
yeah i was very surprised to when i saw that HIH was mentioned but that's good i guess.. :P... Thanks BUNGIE...we luv u to guys
I agree completely. When I saw HIH, I was like, "Fuck yes! That's us!"