The H2 CMP T2T Equivalent, half done!
Many of you might not know his name yet, so you better learn it fast ;) His name is Tamebeverage, and he's been doing a heck of a lot of the biggest QZ challenges and, well, completing them *gasp* After quite a few years of Halo 2 being out, some of us old-skoolers in H2 CMP feel quite honored to see such an aspiring new trickster in our midst. Tamebeverage has gone ballistic in thread with this video. He takes my challenge of going from the very back of the original Flood Cave and makes his way, without Vehicles, all the way to The Library and activates the ending cut-scene! Over 6 hours of work, and for great justice! I think I'll let him live in QZ with POTS and I for free now.

Write-up by KORHAL; Edited by The News Council.
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