Yasha presents: Jumping is EZ
To me, this video is solid proof that you can take the oldest glitch you know, throw in a little creativity, and make a video that's still entertaining and fun to watch... even if the glitch is 3 years old! Yasha presents: Jumping is EZ. Just as a reminder, I am not responsible for any mind blowing that may occur during the viewing of this video.

Written by Yasha; edited by The News Council.

~ The Council would like to extend its apologies to the forums. We are all working very hard here, so please just try to hang in there.

Much thanks, news council.
*huggles yasha on behalf of the news council*
Very entertaining video, watched it when it first came out. I would highly recommend it!
even though i know where the video is..there is no link in the FP mention :)

thought you should know.

luff news council. :)
yea, need teh link. its an amazing video.