SC speedrun Legendary 3:29
Woah! Goatrope and Devin Olsen have squeezed out a run of Silent Cartographer in 3 minutes, 29 seconds, beating the previously held record by about 12 seconds. Nicely done. You can view links to the video in the HighSpeedHalo newspost.

EDIT: Oops. It appears that they beat the old record by 21 seconds. I was looking at the wrong time. D'Oh.

Another great example of tricking being used in speed running to make the run both entertaining and faster.

Great job guys!
We beat the old record by 21 seconds, Duke ;)

"Old runs:

3:50 by djDAP & CRI BaBI"

Thanks for the news post though!
I watched the Youtube video, and it was 3:34. If you don't unclude the cut scene where MC kicks the rock, then it was 3:15.

How did you guys get 3:29?

I don't really watch Speed Runs a lot, so I could just be stupid about it.
Well the time for the run STARTS when we get off the pelican, and ENDS when we get picked up by the pelican... The cutscene's during that time count for time...

Does that make sense?
Yeah it makes sense now, thanks. Nice job with the run :)
A great show.
The runs looks awesome!
It IS awesome!
Wow. SC just got pwned in the face.

Very nice job.
Now for single player to receive a similar treatment *hops on it*