This week's lottery winner: metzger84!
This week's lottery winner is metzger84. You can read about the man, the myth, the machine, the metzger84 in his interview.

As always, if you haven't entered the lottery yet you can do so here. The way it works is that each week we randomly select one person from all the people who have entered the lottery, interview him, and post the interview the following week. The winner receives all the fame, fortune, glory, songs, poems, statues, and posthumous school namings that one would expect of an HIH lottery winner, as well as a custom title and avatar. So if your "4 8 15 16 23 42" ticket doesn't win the $300 million Powerball drawing tonight, don't fret -- this is even better.

LOL, been what, 3 years you've been waiting, scurt? =D!

Keep posting in those threads, you'll get it eventually!