One Of Us! One Of Us! One Of Us!
As probably one of the biggest shockers to the H2 MP world, NOBLE STABBINGS has decided to also to try his hand at H2 CMP. And I must say he's doing quite an awesome job! I am personally completely baffled at how far NOBLE has come from the Epidemic days. Although I'm not too sure now...

Can I have a pink shirt with "Princess" written in glitter on it too? :)
His newest CMP feat is to (somehow *grr*) manage to beat all of us old-skoolers to riding the High Charity Pelican to where it dissapears at the very beginning of the level. And, as Termeh would put it, hot damn! He does it so well!

Are you still reading this? Come on then! GET GOING!


Mmmm Noble's a big boah now mmhm.
noble always pwns....even in CMP