TeamAmerica1 and his buds have also taken to the realm that is H2 CMP, and they bring with them...Launch. This is no ordinary launching video. Usually we all see extremely high and far launching in videos, but TeamAmerica1, Mman19 and FooFoo showed up with some "abnormal" launching. It is REALLY worth the watch. The best part though, absolutely no trace of a Scarab Gun Bridge Launch! *puts on party hat and kisses Gilleh*


holy hell- that was the best cmp launching vid Ive ever seen. Thank god for this front page, otherwise id never have seen it.

Overdue, eh? Thanks KORHAL!
*Initiates man-hug*
Lol, I didn't think it was going to get FPed. Overdue indeed. Thanks KORHAL! We're probably going to start on #2.
Woah where'd that come from lol.

*scrolls up...*

uh oh.

Sorry for the late posting, I've had it written up for a while and the Admins have had a bit of a slow time lately. But The News Council isn't asleep :) We're hard working little critters.

It's fine, KORHAL, thanks for the FP in the first place. I'd like you to know that your avatar kept me in a trance for about 5 minutes, then shattered my whole universe.