This week's lottery winner: Coot!
This week's lottery winner is Coot. You can read all of the intimate details of his sordid escapades right over here.

As usual, if you haven't entered the lottery yet you can do so here. This week we've also got an interview with Mello Master, who won a while ago but didn't have his interview posted. You can read Mello Master's interview here, or browse all of our past interviews over in the Lottery Winners section.

Gratz Coot :)
One of these days... It will be me.
amaroq, I didn't give you $20.00 for Coot to win... Where's my scurty!? Wait a minute... what did you actually spend that money on? <_<;
Hookers and blow. And since all I had was twenty bucks, neither one was very good.
what age do you have to be to enter
I had to sell my body for that $20.00!
slYnki says:

I had to sell my body for that $20.00!

best $20 I ever spent.
Would 50 be enough to get Nofirefrog a victory? By the way, one or the other Sir. >_<
$2000 to have scurty and termeh win!
I just notcied Coot hasnt even posted here yet.