This week's lottery winner: xpaintballx55!
Yup, you read that right. It's been much-missed during POTS' absence (I hear he's part of that Russian submarine team that planted a flag on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean), but the HIH user lottery is back. This week's winner is xpaintballx55. You can read our interview with him and see what makes him tick here. You can also check out all of our previous interviews with lottery winners over here in the special features section.

If you haven't entered the lottery yet, you can swing by the lottery thread and enter by making a post in the thread. We'll be getting back to our normal pace of picking one winner each week.

This made my day, AND my week. Thanks a lot to all the staff. :) You guys are awesome. I'd make you all breakfest in bed, but I don't have the money to travel around the world. =/
Been waiting on this forever :)

You owe us about 40 weeks.
Are you still going to post the old winners? POTS had me interview Mellow Master. Are they still going to get to have their interviews posted?

Or are these the old winners?

If you need it, I still have the interview backed up in my PM's.

Congrads, xpaintballx55. It's nice to see the lottery back up and running. Thanks to any who helped it get it back up. :)
I didn't know there were any winners who hadn't been posted yet -- if you've interviewed someone and it hasn't been posted yet, drop me a PM.
i was wondering why i havent won yet
So the lost 30 weeks aren't going to be drawn?

If so I understand..

OT: Congrats Paintball, I hope to see my name up there one day.

Amaroq, do you takes bribes? If so Cash, Credit, or Check?
amaroq says:

I didn't know there were any winners who hadn't been posted yet

Pretty sure scurty won...


Just tryin' to get "ma main G unit homie man" a custom title... and a 9mm.