Team CLXB - The Big Foot
Team CLXB is at it again, this time bringing you a great bouncing video documenting many new and great bounces. Not only do they bounce to spots never even heard of, they also break one of the few barriers that have yet to be broken in the Multiplayer realm. Go check it out, and give them a pat on the back.


WOW.. FP would be awesome.. I just hope everyone enjoys it as much as our clan..
thanks zman. =D
thanks for the writeup zman
I Deem It Worthy!
definantly fp
No doubt FP, crazy stuff. It needs to be FP'd:p

Definately NOT FPW. Everything was old.
lol jk, it is fpw- good work guys.
EGGOS..get a life..
nice zman, thanks for the write up. thanks to the news team for helpin us out. according to clxb, this is the second to last video we will be making. so this means a lot. the last one will be a lot of fun, and just an enjoyable video. so look for that before h3.
Nice vid guys, that was definitely FP worthy.
MaStEr IrOc says:

thanks to the news team for helpin us out.

I don't think we had anything to do with this one. o_O We WERE adjusting the Write-Up slightly, but someone moved this thread before we could post the adjustments. =P

*Glances at Admins* Silly willies. =D
4ReAL KiD says:

EGGOS..get a life..

You turd- ChiChi's extreme bounce should have been front paged over this lol.
1 cool vid

2 alot of stuff here was going into bfx's next tage ? weird?!? how?!? idk but idc :)

3 wise spring to crane...=found but gj on finding it is a cool bounce

4 how did jkilla's bounce end up in this vid when it is in my footage pile for the BFX tage? idk but idc :)

nevertheless gj and fun to watch...

btw i left out some stuff i will talk to a couple of you about when i get back from cali :)
Oh for the love of God. BFX, take it from me because I know a lot more than anyone will ever know on this subject, no one actually cares and no one will ever care. There is nothing you can do besides shut your mouth and move on. Believe it or not, there's actually some people around here who like to enjoy videos without all the loud mouth credit whores scurrying about trying desperately to ruin everything.
luff slynki.

nuff said.

o and thanks very much for the FP, i think it was well-deserved.