7 liters in a gallon, and an infinite amount of Epic Wins in this video
Not satisfied with his first feat, Duelies takes it up a few notches with his latest film, Epic Win. The video has a grand assortment of tricks that are simple to recreate, due to his provided text tutorials, and the wide array of video resolutions from which to choose. If you have time to watch one video today, make sure it's Epic Win!

- Note from KORHAL -

I've seen every single H1-H2 CMP video since HIH first started, if you miss this, the News Council's ZPNKC (zombie pirate ninja kitten crew) will hunt you down. <3 Duelies.

By far the best video HIH has ever seen?! Yeah, it was fantastic tricking, but I don't see this as being the best video ever made for HIH, and certainly not by such a wide margin. Perhaps I'm being too serious with this, but I find it somewhat insulting to the many users here who have produced incredibly well done videos to read that this is not only better then everything ever made on HIH, but it is also better by a large factor. I just don't feel that there is merit for such a claim.

Terminator was kind enough to discuss the issue with me and we resolved it. Carry on.