Two more new Halo trick archives
Take a moment and stop by our Halo Trick Video Archive section, and you'll see that we're now up to two pages (I'll have to do something about that very soon), and that we've added two new archives - Causeofdeath15 and MrJukes. Both archives are great, but you simply have to see the MrJukes archive. Woah. Nice job archive team.

Wow, this stuff is nuts. o_O Especialy Mr. Jukes' trick jumping videos; I didn't know some could be done without a grenade.

Well done Archive Team! =D

Sir, perhaps you could make the page into two columns? >_> Have a 20 character topic title limit for the names, and divide the page in two? Just a thought.
Thanks Duke and to the entire archive team.

<3 you all....
Especially my Foo! :D