Bungie day tomorrow - don't miss it
July 7 (7/7) has become known as Bungie day to those who've been hanging around the community for awhile, and this year, it'll be 7/7/07, so if you're not getting married or gambling (or both) in Las Vegas tomorrow, remember to stop by Bungie.net for some Bungie Day hotness. They're also presenting some Xbox live marketplace schwag. Check out the newspost for all the details.

That's my step-grandma's bday :p
Mine's today.:D

I remember when Ghost Faction got the 777,777th post (?)
They mention us in the 7/7/07 update. =)
Oh yeah, don't forget to look at the 'No Swimming' sign on Zanzibar (if your date is correct). This was posted at Bungie yesterday:

[quote">Posted by: Anton P Nym (Bungie Mod)
Anybody who doesn't believe this can go and check the Zanzibar beach signs tomorrow. (Any time of the day is fine.)
-- Steve'll also suggest checking them on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. (And Haloween, too, if he's got that right.)