Theneighborrkid gets himself an archive
Go check the latest addition to the Trick Video Archive section, and watch a few excellent Halo trickzez.

I remember tricking with TNK on HPC a while back. Where's he been?
Holy cow inbetween buns with ketchup, cheese, and chilli on top! o_O

Must. Watch. Archive Team > Holy Cheeseburgers.
Is there anyway I can contact dan? I tried PM-ing him and apparently his inbox is full so he can't receive any more PM's till he deletes some. I have a few more videos I'd appreciate being added to the archive from way before (back in those MP tricking days.)

Sorry 'bout that. I'd be happy to add that other stuff to your archive.
Yeah, good stuff. You deserve it, my friend. Heh, now we are all on the same page.