Back-tracking doesn't just have to be in H1 you know.
Wow, this one took some time, but it has finally been attempted and brought to life. For the longest time we've wondered if we can get back into the Sacred Icon Slide from within Quarantine Zone. Well, §-RevolutioN-§ has done it! Using that old geezer trick called "Clipping", he manages to get himself into the SI Slide! And it's in Single Player to boot! Now, don't get too happy, we still have to make a massive climb to get up it, who wants to take a crack at it? If you have absolutely no idea what the SI Slide is, there are pics of it in the thread that you can view for yourself, or you can remember those three dizzying moments you have in Sacred Icon going down, and down, and down some more.


I... Told.. You.. So...