Wow - something you need to check out
The archive team has now finished upgrading ALL of our existing archives with local video links and thumbnails. The last of the bunch was Yasha's archive, because it was huge, and it's finished as of this morning. You really need to stop by and take a look. Terrific job guys.

Awesome job team. :)
Haha, I love Anchorman. Good job guys! :)
wow. i know yasha did a lot, but wow. that's a lot.

great job guys.
Archive team power!
Great job, looking pretty in the archive section.
Unless I missed it, this is missing from Yasha's archive.

The hog launch video still works, but the ghost video seems to not work.

Thanks to all of the archivers who put the work into the project so everyone can access the archives and not face the dreaded dead links :).